Beépített mikrohullámú sütő

  • Electronic timer

    Electronic timer

  • Quick Start

    Quick Start

  • ChildLock




5+ power levels Multi Wave System Preset programmes 8
QuickStart ChildLock LED display
Rotating plate diameter 24.5 cm Timer 95 min Control system Electronic timer
Inox interior Click system opening Defrosting by time
Defrosting by weight

Technical data

Height 38.2 cm Width 59.5 cm Depth 34.3 cm
Microwave power 800 W Capacity 20 l Total power 1250 W
Noise level 63 dB Colour: Inox

Electronic timer Electronic timer

With the electronic control system, the heating power and duration can be set precisely. This comes very handy when heating ready meals which need to be done closely to the cooking instructions from the manufacturer. Savour the convenience.

Quick Start Quick Start

You come home. You feel hungry, and you need to eat something right away. The QuickStart function is ideal for such situations. One click, and the oven is on. Your favourite meal is ready in an instant.

  • ChildLock


    This function is especially useful for families with children, making it impossible for anybody to accidently change the settings.

  • Defrosting by time

    Defrosting by time

    Need to prepare a large cut of meat but the meat is frozen? No worries. Set the defrosting duration, and the amica microwave oven will defrost your meal. There’s no need to defrost the meal for a long time, and there’s no danger of bacteria developing in your food. Always on time.

  • Defrosting by weight

    Defrosting by weight

    You want a pizza but it’s completely frozen? No problem! Specify what the meal weighs, and the microwave oven will set the cooking power and duration. With Defrosting by weight, you can quickly have your meal defrosted but not overheated.

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